Association of Hungarian Businesswomen ( AHB ) was founded in 1994 with the purpose of acting as forum for its members and facilitating networking amongst women who want to prosper in business.
Anybody wishing to become a successful entrepreneur can join us.
Women who run the family business, young mothers considering starting their own enterprise, women who have lost their job, curious university students – everybody who has decided to do well in the business sphere are welcome. Trainings, professional lectures and discussions, conferences are all among our various and highly beneficial programmes.
The number of our members from micro and small entreprises have significantly increased in the past years, just as our role in educational and lobbyist activities.
Our mission is to promote and organize:
  • Business relations
  • Information about the legal and economical business environment
  • Education
  • Professional meetings
  • How to start a business, women’s role in business life
  • Lobbyist activities to promote the businesswomen's interests
  • Contact with other organizations
  • Providing micro-loans to our members

AHB meetings are held every first Moday of the month.

Kamarás Györgyi
member of board
Association of Hungarian Businesswomen


Professional teams and leaders of AHB

The manifold character of the  
micro and small entreprises
 joining AHB, requires that both the common interests and the specific professional demands of our members should find solutions for their problems.

We have established professional teams so that with more efficient division of work more of us could take part in taking care of fulfilling our tasks.

These teams are the followings:

  • Financial know how: bookkeeping, tax, financial matters, legal questions, tenders
    Leader: Mrs.Nágay Márta (telesoftkft@invitel.hu)
  • Education, training: trainings, mediation, IT
    Leader: Mrs.dr.Laczkó Zsuzsa (laczko.zsuzsa@net.hu)
  • Foreign relations, tourism, catering trade: keeping contact with foreign associations, language schools, tourism
    Leader:Mrs. Gordon Mari (mgordon@upcmail.hu)
  • For KÁROLY boulevard: group of entrepreneurs in the trade and service sector of the city
    Leader: Mr.Nagy Lajos (ellentenger@gmail.com)

Every December we held a charity auction for the benefit of an institution caring for children.