Invitation for Christmast Charity Party of AHB

Dear Club members, Friends,

You are most welcome in our Club, Budapest, VI.Andrássy u.124 I.e.
On the 8th December 2010 at 17,00
To visit our “CHRISTMAS BASAR”

For a chat, “window-shopping” of the presented goods, making bids and for drinking “cheers” with us.

The bid will start at 18,00 for grabbing the products on show; so you are kindly requested to bring with yourselves, everything which is beautiful, but you do not like it any more, and buy instead something which you may like.

We shall deliver from the received donations toys and household equipments, which might be well used in the households of those children and their families being in need in to the small village of GÖNC.

For the farewell party not only club members but your friends are also warmly welcome.

Your home-made sweet and salty cakes will be consumed without delay right on the spot.

Concerning the details of the show, your offers and gourmet foods please kindly contact Judit Márián, julinagyi@gmail.com, mobile: +3630 919 1718

Next to the happy celebration we are expecting your proposals, suggestions, ideas – verbally or in writing – to help us preparing a good, useful working program for the next year.

Yours sincerely
Kamarás Györgyi
( president )

Union of the Hungarian Business-Women

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